Problem with IE10 and enabling of submit button under windows 7

Here at the office I am using 32 bit windows 7 with IE10. The web server is Apache running on Linux.


When the CGI script first draws the page the "Save" button is disabled. The input field has an "oblur" event handler which validate the user just entered and if the data is valid the "Save" button is enabled. If the data entered
by the user is invalid the user is warned with an alert and the "Save" button is left in a disabled state.


When I entered some bad data in one of the fields I received the alert box as expected. However the "Save" button was still being enabled ! I tried the same CGI script on IE8 and Chrome and the "Save" button properly stays in its disabled


Why would IE10 apparently on its own automatically enabled my "Save" button ?



Any ideas ??


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