Kantar updates 2013 ad spend report for PH

Kantar Media press con

Kantar Media has made minor changes to its full-year Advertising Expenditure Report for 2013, updating the total tri-media spending of Philippine advertisers to P342 billion.

The changes reflected a mere 0.909% growth compared to the P339 billion Kantar first announced  in February this year. Looking closer, the change was mainly due to updated figures in total print spending, changing from P13.2 billion to P15.2 billion.

(Gallery available on web)

In addition to new figures, Kantar also updated its top advertisers poll. Unilever, P&G and Colgate remain as the top three biggest ad spenders in the island nation but rank shuffles happened down the poll.

Universal Robina, the previous top 10, dropped to 12th place and was replaced by Globe Telecom. Other brands who ranked lower in the new poll includes Nestle (4th down to 5th), Mead Johnson (6th down to 8th), and Unilever RFM (8th down to 9th).

(Gallery available on web)

There were also brands that climbed the rankings, namely Jollibee who jumped from 9th place to 7th place, Monde from 7th place to 6th place and United Labs from 5th place to 4th place.

As of press time, Marketing is waiting for a response from Kantar concerning the update.


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