5 Reasons a Site Hit by Google Penguin Won’t Recover

When Google launched the Penguin algorithm April 24, 2012, many sites who had relied strongly on low-quality link building were severely affected. I regularly hear stories from business owners who were hit hard over two years ago and haven’t been able to recover.

In many cases the stories are tragic ones of small business owners who hired an SEO firm or consultant to help them improve their rankings, not knowing that the work that was being done was going against Google’s quality guidelines. And now, many of these small businesses are having to cut staff and losing a lot of money because they can’t find a way to recover their Google presence.

While Penguin recovery is possible, it’s difficult. Here are five reasons why your site isn’t recovering from Penguin.

Reason 1: You Haven’t Done a Thorough Enough Link Cleanup

If you were adversely affected by Penguin, it’s because you have unnatural links pointing to your site. We know that there can be factors other than links that can contribute to a Penguin hit, but bad links are by far the most important cause.

The Penguin algorithm was created in order to catch websites that are cheating in order to get higher Google rankings. If the algorithm determines that a high number of your links are unnatural, then this lowers the amount of trust that Google puts in your site. As a result, your entire site, (not just the pages to which you have built unnatural links,) can struggle:


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