How to Find Link Building Opportunities in 5 Steps Using SpyFu’s New Backlink Builder

by Dave Davies,June 12, 2014Comments

Last month I covered Majestic SEO’s Clique Hunter and outlined how it can be used for relevant link building. Well, this month I’m going to cover something I can almost guarantee you haven’t seen before because it only just became available in open beta. Anyone who listens to my show on Webmaster Radio and heard my interview with Mike from SpyFu will know…I’m extremely happy to see this enter the market.

The tool is “Backlink Builder” by SpyFu. It will be opening up to everyone in a couple of weeks.

Now, with all the great tools already out there to help people find solid links you may be asking, “Why do I need yet another?” Great question.

Most of the tools we use right now are based on finding trends in backlinks or assigning metrics to them. Moz gives their score to link x, Majestic or ahrefs assign a different value but then show you which competitors they link to, etc. All useful functions.

Using current tools we get to understand how sites interlink on the Web and, with some understanding, what domains are likely hubs or are passing weight. To understand what SpyFu does a bit differently it’s important to understand what they are as a global toolset.

As their core, SpyFu collects and stores ranking data for phrases. Lots and lots of phrases. Historically I’ve used them for competitor analysis to understand which phrases a company might rank for or be bidding on via PPC. Enter a URL and you’ll get a decent snapshot of what that person is bidding on and what they rank for organically and how they’ve ranked over the past seven years.

A service that knows which sites have ranked in which positions over the past seven years…and you’re looking for relevant, long-lasting links. I’m going to pause right now and let that sink in for a second.

OK…so now that that has sunk in, let’s give you a sneak peek of how it can be used to find great resources.

To keep things smooth…let’s even use the same phrases I used in my last article and find links that would be suitable to help rank for “seo blog.” This time though we’ll look for links we’d pursue to rank SpyFu’s blog.

Step 1: Enter the Phrase You Want to Rank for Into SpyFu


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