Quick Internal Linking Insight Using Google Analytics

by Ben Goodsell,June 13, 2014Comments

An essential aspect of assigning priority to any SEO recommendation is to understand scale as it applies to the site in question.

For example if a site is linking to URLs that have a certain parameter, these pages are unique in the eyes of search engines and if not handled properly can be considered duplication. The solution to cleaning up any particular non-ranking page type is two fold.

Direct search engines to remove pages from index (like noindex).Make sure the site is not using these URLs within internal linking.

Most SEO crawlers have the ability to export internal linking information, but it can be a time and resource consuming process to do comprehensively. Benchmarks are necessary to make sure our clients non-ranking page types are handled properly. This article shows how to quickly and easily use information already available to you in Google Analytics to get a list and find pages linking to a particular group of URLs.

Tools used for this demonstration:

Google AnalyticsInternal linking – explained below or import this one.List of Pages – Google Analytics Dashboard -> Behavior -> Site Content -> All Pages or import this one.Google Webmaster Tools Parameter Handling

Before we begin create your own custom report for internal linking.


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